What is online shop?

The online shop is a software which is Developed by designers and computer programmers and where the owner of the shop can provide information on the Internet about his/her products, prices and services. The consumers are able to to see this offers in details and to buy the product they want.

What are the Opportunities of a online shop?

- This kind of shops helps the seller to introduce numerous products, arrange it in different ways and categories even if he/she has no idea of programming. This is possible only by a developed administrator panel and when the owner of the site log in he/she has total control over the services and the products. He /She is able to delete or edit some of the offers in the shop.

- The online shops may provide the businessmen a list with the names of the consumers who have bought more than the others so the sellers may give them special discount.

- A list with the products which are most wanted can also be provided. And the manager will know exactly what are the customer`s interests.

- The consumers may compare easily the product`s price and quality and decide much easily what is better for them.

- The online shop has a search engine by which the customers may fast and easily sort the products by price, lable or in categories depending on the services which the shop offers.

- When the consumer chose a product and added it in the shopping car he/she poins the way of paying and after that orders it.

The advantages of the online shops:

- 24 hours access to the information of the shop from all around the world ;

- Fast spreading and finding of information

- Save money because you do not have to rent a building or a place to situate your shop, you will not need shop assistants or an expensive furniture.

- It is not necessary to invest heavily on a great amount of products because you may buy it when you receive the order of your customers.

Using online shops you develop your business beyond the borders of a country. You may sell your products not only to your neighbours but also to people from the other part of the world.

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