What is E-Commerce

The number of people using e-Commerce i constantly growing every day. More and more businessmen realised the need of on - line shopping for a modern development of their business. They must plan one perfectly built strategy for E-Commerce, comprising all parts of its organization, to make one dynamic strructure ensuring adequate reaction in this fast changing commercial situation.

E-Commerce is nothing more than a trade, it is data exchange between the participants in the particular business - customers, dealers. The main system is made to function through software which gives thecustomer the opportunity to communicate with the seller.

What you should know before starting an e-commerce:

- Visualize your gaols - Think carefully about the difficulties in front of you so you will be prapared to deal with it much easily. There will inevitably be such.

- Think about the products you will sell on-line and who will be most interested by it.

- Before you start should know how your customers would prefer to pay - with credit card, by bank or in cash and also how you will organize the delivery.

- You should also be aware of the competition and the services they offer.

- When using e-commerce you shuold get domain name.

- It is highly important to chose good web server because your web site will be placed on it .

- A way of accepting the payments. If you chose credit cards you will have to set up merchant account. You should also get digital certificate which will guarantee for your identity .

- You should consider to hire delivery company to deal with the orders of the customers.

Do not miss the advertising. If you want to succeed you should definitely pay attention to the advertising. Invest more to it than to the creating of the online shop otherwise there is no point of starting. Apart from the excellent advertisement you should be aware of the team who will develop and maintain your project. The design must be stylish, elegant and easy to navigate so your customers would be glad .

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