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When we talk about web design for business site, it must definitely be stylish and classical. It also depends on the type of business and the products on the market. For example, if you are running a modern night club and the sole purpose of your site is to attract the attention of more visitors, the design must definitely be attractive and interesting and it is preferable to use Flash applications. If the purpose of your business is to introduce an information to your clients then you must stick to the clear and semantic design and to pay attention to the original text by which you will capture your clients.

Here are some rules you that you should not follow when creating a web design for business :

1. The use of Flash when creating a web design. As we said in the prevoius paragraph Flash sites may be appropriate for certain web sites and answer to their aims but as a whole it is not not advisable to use it for the most business web sites. It makes your site slower and evem boring and you may easily lose your clients who are looking for an easily accessible and realiable information .

2. Web design with small letters - There is nothing much boring than an Internet page, which demands to put a great effort on reading a text which is hardly visible by the reader. The small letters give the opportunity to include much information on your page, however, it makes it difficult to find easily what exactly you are looking for. In addition, you should always bare in mind those for which it is created so to make the design meet their demands.

3. A Design filled with animations and images - as for the animations it will make your design intriguing but on the other hand it may detract your client`s attention from the main aim of the site. Use graphics in your web design but do not use too much of it .

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