Tips for a good web design

1. A little is more

A common mistake when making an Internet page is the consumption that every inch of one web site must be filled with information. This is misconception. A good web site often includes a lot of empty space. Just a list with the headline of the page and after that a structural information given in a very simple way and easy to read without any unnecessary information. It also contains images which give the final look of the design. That is exactly what your customers expect to see.

2.Do not put too much advertisements

The adds must be small because the visitors of the site must focus their attention on the main idea of your site.

3.Background of the Web design

White is the most used background, but that does not mean that it is the best. If you choose a background for your web design stick to the fine colours. Always pick colours so that your text stands out from the background.

4.Do not use too many graphics and animations

Use of too many animations and graphics may divert the visitor`s attention from the content of your web site. Additionally that slows the loading of the site down, which makes the user nervous. Show the essential aspects of your site by text , not by animations.

5.Good navigation

Your site must be created for your visitors, not for you. So think from their point of view, put yourself in their position. In every moment they must know where they are. Make sure that they can have an easy access to your web site. Because if a visitor of your site get lost you immediately lose him!

The formula of a good web design is very simple - on visiting the site it must say you ”READ ME “.

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