What is web design?

The majority of us has an idea of what web design is, but very small group of these people can exactly define the meaning of it.Web design is the skill to create presentations of the content (usually hypertext or hypermedia)which is delivered to the consumer through World Wide Web or Web Browser.

The final product of the web design are HTML pages, pictures in different formats(jpeg, png), animations(gif or flash). The components created by the web design of a page or a whole web site are separated into files, which are also divided into directions.

The process of creating web design is a combination of a creative and technical work . The creative work includes the creation of the separate graphical and audio elements and the format of the text. The technical work includes the organization of these elements  through HTML code, which by the used standard is visualized on a screen. The technical work also includes a development of a client-based code, which is mainly used to make it easier when looking a site. The programmes which helps for that are Java Script or VBScript.

There are several areas comprising the main aspects of the web design.

- Visualization - to model the graphical elements in one web site and it is the most important part of the web design. The structure is created by the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash. A good web design must be a balance between graphics and text.

- Content - Includes a form and an organization of the content of a web site. That means the way how the text is written, how it is organized and represented . Web sites are created to be full of information which we may use. If the content is classified in a logical way and it is accessible and easy to understand the users of the site will be glad and will be back to it.

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