SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO – is one of the important stage by developing of internet site, we offer you a professional optimization to be your site competitive to the others. Our advice for you is - Don't save on resources for optimization of your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) or means optimization for the searching is one of the most important moments by creating of successful website. The searching mashines as Google, Yahoo and MSN regulary visit by their bots, croulers and spiders all websites in internet, index them in their basis of data and by searching a keyword they put in order each website to determinate position in the searching.

The process of optimization is too long and complicate, there are a lot of technics what exert influence on the searching. Some of they are:

- Correct structured code in the website is from great importance. By the code is realized the contact with the searching. The searching themselves send “the spiders”and if our website is written in the correct language, they are able to index it good and the positions for rating will be more successful.

- Good structured titles of the sides - Each side must have unique title tag suitable for the contents of the side and must include keywords from the contents.

- Building up of connections (links) helps the visitors to find easier the website and to index it from the searching mashines.

- The exchange of links with other sites raise our website in the “eyes” of the searching. If your site has more links in other sites what point to your website this perceive better from the searching.

- The unique and fascinating contents give us an advantage before the competition in the rating.

- The keywords and phrases what are suitable for the theme of our website must be used everywhere in the text but not above all measure.

- Navigation – the suitable navigation is useful not only for the visitors of the website but for the searching.

- Hosting – it is good before you put on your site in internet to make a research about that on which hosting the site should be put on or to trust to professionals about it.

The researches show that 90% of all sales in internet are with the results from the searching. The users turn to sites as Google, Yahoo and MSN searching to get some information. Google makes 293 Million searching a day. The last researches show that the users are 10 times more disposed to buy our products or services after finding our website from the big searching than all other methods.

Why is it so? Because when they search they use keywords what we have just used in the webside. The users find our site and our product at the moment of the application and are ready to buy it, because they trust the searching.

About questions and details about SEO optimization you can connect us and we will answer as possible in shortest term.

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