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Golden3angle offers you work out of design of your company logo. Logo (from Gr.- logotipos) is a graph image what consist of symbols, text or combination of both, is used for introducing ones company or product. Remember that the aim of your logo is to promote your business or product, so it must be easy noticed by the people.

The form, the colours, the print and the images are usually different from the others in the branch. A good design of your logo helps to make unique identity of your business. So you should look for the service of a professional company for working out of Your logo.

Logo kinds what Golden3angle offers:

logo print - These logo occur very often and their design is concentrated on the text. It focus the attention over the name and has bigger effect when it is easy to identify. Such logo are for example on the marks – SONY, TOSHIBA, NOKIA and others.

logo symbol - It is graph image what symbolize the Company. The disigners recommend that the logo should be build up from one, two or most three colours. Each colour says something from the firm so to keep the message maximal cleary. Over 75% from the best corporative companies use one or two colours in their logo therefore is good to hold on this style. Such logo are for example: Nike, Apple, Lexus.

logo letter - It is oftentimes abbreviation of the firm name. It is used from firms with longer name or when the name is composed from some words.

About questions and details about the work out of logo you can contact us to offer you the best you need.

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