Creating of banners

The banner is a static or animated advertising form(picture) often with your logo, product or service with different sizes, which is put on in other websides and when ones user click on it he is being sent to your site. The banner is often served for advertisement in internet and has an aim to multiply the visitors of your website. The advertisement with banner will be more effective if it will be put on in a site with the same theme as yours, also in a site which has many visitors.

Each of us has seen defferent banners on the websides, but not all of them can fascinate us. For that reason it is necessary to trust a professional firm, with experience in building up of adver - tising banners, to make a product, what focus attention, but not just the serial image what don't cause an interest to the users.

Good is before we set to create of an advertising banner you should send us a short information about your Company, website(if you have ones), logo, colours, prints, sizes of the banner and other preferences.

Our team will acquaint with the specification of your activity and to create for you the most suitable banner.

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